Concert Sponsor (minimum $2500)
James & Sandra Powell

Grand Benefactor (minimum $1000)

Benefactor (minimum $500)
Gary & Patricia Jungkeit

Philanthropists (minimum $250)
Star & Tim Barto

David & Melissa Crockett

James & Kellie Culp

David Hendricksen

Scott & Melissa Powers

Mary & Charles Smith

Alan Stevens

Sponsors (minimum $100)
Robert Banks

Paul & Mary Becker

Gregory & Karen Czirr

Michael Czirr

Tim & Elizabeth Landis

Brent Leach

Jerry & Annetta Long

Whit & Jane Morison

T.J. O'Neil

Patricia Patterson

David Frost & Edward Price

Patrons (minimum $50)
John & Amy Blumberg

FROST Cosmetics

Jim & Gretchen Culp

Law Office of James D. Culp

Timothy & Linda Czirr

Vicki Reeser

Ed Sheffey

Daryl Stephens

Friends (minimum $25)
Jonathan Bowers

Bryan & Sherry Long

Ralph & Dawn Lugo

Ann & Bruce Matthews

Sharon Upchurch

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Are you a business owner or representative that would like to put your ad in front of hundreds of concert-goers each season? Support AMEn through the purchase of a program advertisement that will appear in eight concert programs at locations throughout the Tri-Cities. 

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The Appalachian Men's Ensemble is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible. 

Over 80% of our annual budget is funded through donations from private individuals. To help ensure the longevity of the Appalachian Men's Ensemble, please consider supporting us financially. 

Donors are recognized in all concert programs as follows:

Concert Sponsor: minimum $2500
Grand Benefactor: minimum $1000
Benefactor: minimum $500
Philanthropist: minimum $250
Sponsor: minimum $100
Patron: minimum $50
Friend: minimum $25

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Donations can also be mailed to:

      Appalachian Men's Ensemble​
      PO Box 3991 
      Johnson City, TN 37602-3991

Checks should be made payable to Appalachian Men's Ensemble

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Please be sure to include your return address so that a letter of receipt that can be used as official documentation for your donation can be mailed when received. 


​Current Supporters

​Purchase a Program Ad: Due September 1, 2018 for the 2018-2019 Season